Project Description

B&B Antiche pietre - Bollengo

Opening: March-July and August-December
Rooms: 3; 6 beds + 2 for children
All around the Serra Morenica, on the top of a hill rich in vegetation and vineyards, the B&B Antiche Pietre in Bollengo, thanks to its enviable position, is what you need to relax or spend a few days with all the opportunities offered by this extraordinary territory. From the Via Francigena to Lake Viverone, from the Fiera Di San Savino to the Historical Carnival of Ivrea, whether you are a pilgrim or a passing tourist you will find with us a comfort and a stay experience to remember. There is a sauna, sun terrace and barbecue area.

The Ancient Stones are: Alfonso’s Stones, which he moved with great will to create the house, there are some works in Dorita’s Stone, there are some Stone mementos made by Massimo, and our private collection of Minerals, some beautifil works by Giancarlo, but there are also the Stones of the Via Francigena, the Stones of the remains of the Roman aqueduct, which seem to run behind the B&B, those of the nearby Castle of Bollengo, and there are the large and Ancient Stones of the Serra Morenica which is all around us.

Via Castello 18
Tel +39 334 9544667

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