Project Description

Via Alpi Graie 16
340 4008548
  • Open: from June to September, every day, then all weekends and holidays,

Arcansel – rainbow flight – is a spectacular outdoor recreational facility opened in late 2014 in the Municipality of Frassinetto, with which you can experience the thrill of flying safely suspended from a metal cable with a special pulley and harness.

This is not an extreme sport but an activity open to all.

The flight runs from the station of departure (1298 m above sea level) to the station of arrival (1040 m above sea level), for a total length of 1800 m of free flight, and is the longest fly rope in the Alps , 260 meters of altitude, 140 km / h maximum speed.

Included in the ticket price: shuttle to the station of departure, security devices and equipment (helmet, goggles, harness, pulley, carabiners)

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